About Us

Corporate Overview

Established in 1986, Interaction is one of the UK's fastest growing independent recruitment businesses, operating through a network of over 30 locations nationwide. In November of 2010 Interaction was recognised and published as "UK Number 1 General Recruiter" in the Hot 100 edition of the Recruiter Magazine.

Our high profile acquisition of 75% of Kelly Services' UK business in 2009 has made us a destination employer, attracting and retaining some of the very best recruitment professionals in today's market, giving us an exceptional candidate and client proposition. Interaction is profitable, with no debt and significant shareholder funds. As an independent business, we have no accountability to profit-focused, non-industry shareholders or to the market. This combination means we are able to adapt quickly to market conditions and our customers' and candidates' requirements through efficient and informed decision making.

Our Vision

Interaction's vision is to become a market leader and to change the general perception of staffing businesses by delivering high quality, value for money recruitment services through the most talented individuals in the industry, supported by the very best systems, processes and corporate infrastructure.

To achieve this, it is critical that we continually exceed the expectations of our clients, candidates and internal customers. We have founded our ethos and business culture on strong ethics, with best practice replicated across all offices:

• Customer Focused

We must strive to deliver excellence in everything we do; whether employee, candidate or client, all of our customers should consistently have a positive and valuable experience when working with us.

• Honest and Ethical

We must treat everybody as we would wish to be treated ourselves, with honesty and integrity. We must always manage expectations and be clear about the impact we can have and the service we can deliver. We should never over-promise or under-deliver.

• Innovative

We should apply creativity to our business, our services and the way that we engage our own workforce, our candidates and our clients. We must stay one step ahead through embracing a culture that is “better and different”.

• Ambitious

We must never lose sight of our ambition. We must engage challenges proactively and support each other with the aim of realising our full potential in a diverse, inclusive and enjoyable workplace.

Operating Business

Our workforce is empowered and contributes to our overall business strategy and reputation. Unlike many of our competitors, who choose to manage a multi-disciplined strategy through non-specialist individuals, each of our operating businesses is managed and delivered by recruitment professionals who have proven expertise within a specific field. This means that they totally understand the discipline that they are engaging with, and have extensive candidate and client networks in associated markets. Our recruiters are experts, not talented amateurs; their specialist expertise means that they match our candidates’ and clients’ requirements correctly first time, every time.

This ‘vertical market’ approach, in combination with our national network, leading back office systems and proven account management expertise, ensures that our teams remain experts in specific skill sets whilst collectively offering a comprehensive service across all areas.

"Building successful relationships enable us to get it right for you first time, every time"